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My Top Three Culinary Herbs to Grow

Everyone has there own views on which herbs are the best. Here is a list of the best three home herb garden plants. This list applies if you are gardening only culinary herbs. If you take this list along with you to a nursery, you are guaranteed to succeed in finding herbs that you can grow easily, but also herbs that taste very nice.

1. Coriander
This is a very versatile herb. The versatility of this herb is so much that each part of this plant is known as a different herb. If you grind the dry seeds to use in your meats like ham, pork or veal then you are using coriander. If you use the leaves to give taste to some Asian or Indian dishes then you are using Cilantro. Also, you can use the roots of coriander too. If you ever find it difficult to use the herb as soon as you harvest it then you can freeze it and store it for future use. You can use this herb to add flavor to your soups. You can also chop off the roots and serve them with avocados. You will find this very delicious. Even a beginner should not have any problem growing coriander from seeds. You should sow these seeds during spring. Use a hole that is one fourth inches deep. Plant the seeds in rows leaving a foot in between. Once you can see seedlings, you should thin them down a little. Ensure that they are at least six inches between each of them.

2. Chives –
Who in their right mind will not like to have a few fresh chives on newly baked, hot potatoes? If you are crazy about this herb then you should know that chives taste a bit like onions. This is the reason why they go so well in salads, cream cheese, sauces, sandwich spreads and egg dishes. You can also add some chives to mashed potato and see how it helps with the flavor. If you want to grow chives with the help of starter plants then you should move these stems into your garden during early spring. You should ensure that these herbs get a lot of room. It is recommended that you plant each herb at least 12 inches from the other. If you are going to plant the seeds then you should do this during spring or fall. You should dig at least half an inch into the ground and place the seeds in rows with a gap of at least twelve inches.

3. Basil –
This is the tastiest herb to be mixed with pesto. The leaves have a spicy and warm flavor. All you need to do is add a little bit of this herb into your soups, sauces or salads in order to get delightful taste from them. Basil is such a herb that can be used as seasoning in any dish that has tomato or that is tomato flavored. You should not hesitate in using basil to flavor your meat, fish or chicken. You can also add basil to the omelet that you eat in the morning. You should start with your basil herbs early in spring. You can use a windowsill or a greenhouse for growing them. While summer is still getting started you should move this plant into your garden. If you feel you can do it, then you can sow the seeds directly into your garden during early spring. You can also consider using both methods together in case one method fails.

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