Herb Gardens For Beginners – Indoors Or Out? Which is Better For the Growing of Herbs?

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Herb Gardens For Beginners – Indoors Or Out? Which is Better For the Growing of Herbs?

Sooner or later when you think about the growing of herbs, you come to the question of whether your want an indoor or outdoor garden. Well, maybe surprisingly – or maybe not – the answer can be both.

Of course, if you want a large garden, or want your herbs to also act in synergy with your other plants, you may only consider planting them in a garden outdoors. However, if you’re just starting out or want just a few herbs for your kitchen, you may want to consider a container garden that can be moved indoors and out – depending on the weather!

Most herbs will grow year-round if they are protected from extreme weather. Also, an indoor garden keeps herbs close at hand and often fills the air with their fragrances. You can also keep a closer eye on them if you are learning how they grow, and they are near by to crop off a few leaves for tonight’s dinner.

Although most herbs love the warmth and light of indoors in winter, almost all of them love a stint outside once the frost is over. Just be sure and move them slowly – from indoors to a shady place and finally into the sun. They need to be “hardied” to withstand big changes. Be sure that your herbs get almost dry in between waterings outside, too. Herbs that are used to a more controlled indoor watering schedule can rot if kept wet once they are outside.

Most, but not all herbs can also be transplanted into the ground after a winter indoors, just remember to let them get used to the outdoors for a few days before transplanting them unless they are being moved to a shady area.

Many herbs like to be started indoors in the spring, even if your whole purpose is to grow them outdoors. There are some, though that don’t transport well, so be sure to follow the directions on the packages.

You also have the options of moving plants outdoors and leaving them in containers. This makes it easier to move them back inside for the winter, but remember that you need to monitor their moisture more closely as changes in the weather can dry them out or get them too wet.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the area or the inclination for an outdoor garden, or even a spot for a container garden outdoors. You can grow and maintain beautiful herbs in a sunny corner or even the kitchen counter. It’s a great way to start and learn, and can meet your needs for herbs forever!

Erin Smart is an herb gardening enthusiast who loves to garden with her family. Together they grow all kinds of organic herbs and vegetables and share seeds with other organic gardeners all over the world. To learn more about the growing of herbs check out her website at http://www.esmartyherbgarden.info.

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