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Forecast: Chinese Medicinal Seeds And Seedlings In 2006 The Market Will Sell Very Well – Medicine,

2004 to 2005 in China Chinese herbal medicines Sharp drop in planted area was also the year herbs seeds, seedlings, (hereinafter referred to as seed) market stumbled and the year. Chinese herbal medicines in 2005, ushered in after the market’s full recovery, seedlings of Chinese herbal medicines in 2006 the market prospects? A recent research result was predictable: in 2006 China’s herbal medicine will be leaping out of the bottom seed market, a year of booming sales.

Transfer heat from cold market Medicinal seed market after two years in silence, in late 2005 and early 2006, quietly changed. Initially the Northeast, North China, Northwest China more than ten provinces and autonomous regions with signs of moving off into 2006, the “Three North” medicinal seed market

Sell Heat gradually spread to southwest, central, eastern and southern regions. Currently, farmers across the country concerned and the seed

Dealers Multi-up, some start-funded businesses and large accumulations selling price rise in short supply of seeds and seedlings, and some have already closed down, waste management industry, specialized households seed again opened, invested, or even expand the scale of operation. Now, to explore cross-examine the market price of seed, planting herbs in 2006 planned a constant stream of farmers, many provincial, city and county agricultural science and technology sector, medicines information department and the seed companies have jointly organized a technical study classes, taught to professionals herbs growing techniques, the number of farmers apply significantly more than in previous years. According to media reports, entering after 2006, from North to South, by rail, road, postal,

Logistics Delivery of medicines and other departments sudden increase in the number of seedlings, an increase of around 50%, some transport companies have to increase the traffic to meet the transport needs around the seed. All these signs indicate that 2006 sales of hot herbal seed has started and will be followed by a new round of medicinal plant boom.

Sales start early Medicine across the country the past, seed sales are generally in the spring began more than a month before the start, but as early as the fall of 2005, the “Three North” area of medicine began to move the seed market . The small number of early intervention, seed sales of flat, but over time, personnel and procurement Liang Jun growing market. Entered after 2006, around the market buying and selling medicinal seed market hot climax after another. Medicinal seed market started early, buying and selling hot new changes in this market is that many pharmacists and even beyond the expectation of the senior members of the industry.

General price rise I understand that this medicine will not only start early seed market, but sales have more than two years ago. From Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Anhui, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other areas of several herbs seed market trend terms, sales, sales growth respectively over the same period in the previous two years by 35% and 43%, a record rare , in which successive short supply in recent years, prices of medicines seedlings are: licorice root, skullcap, Astragalus, Polygala, Chinese yam, Atractylodes, Radix, gentian, chinensis, Vaccaria, ginseng, Cuscuta, littoralis, Arctium, Eustoma, Bupleurum, wind, Angelica, Angelica sinensis, Salvia, heterotropoides, safflower, etc., and many varieties as volume of transactions increased, sporadic trading frequently interrupted the market and compete for orders for the phenomenon.

Medicine throughout the country seed markets, the price trend is up, of which 50 focused on the average price of seed varieties has risen more than 30%, some varieties up to 1-fold increase to 5 times, and even the varieties of medicinal herbs is 5 times the market price of 10 times. Large number of the shortage and making seed hoarding and speculation, they probe set by the Exploration medicine and turn to set seed. It is understood that the larger increase medicinal seeds are: Schisandra 50 yuan from the previous year (price per kg, the same below) up to 95 yuan to 100 yuan; Atractylodes from 20 yuan to 22 yuan rose to 90 yuan to 93 yuan ; Astragalus up by the 10 yuan to 20 yuan; Campanulaceae up by the 15 yuan to 25 yuan; skullcap up by the 35 yuan to 45 yuan; red flower rose from the 28 yuan to 43 yuan … … Salvia, ginseng, melon baskets, and yams, dry semi- Summer, on March 7, Rose, Anemarrhenae, wind, Agastache rugosa, mint, Bupleurum, Polygala, gentian, heterotropoides, Gynostemma, Apocynum, Lily, DIO, and other varieties of dodder seed prices have also up. At the same time, many herbs seedlings and nursery stock price rose simultaneously, such as: chinensis seedlings (containing the price, the same below) from 0.5 yuan to 1.2 yuan higher; Acanthopanax up from the 0.6 yuan to 1 yuan; off Cork up from the 1.5 yuan to 2.5 yuan; wild chrysanthemum up from the 0.1 yuan to 0.2 yuan; Ginkgo up from the 2.3 yuan to 3 yuan; Eucommia up from the 2 yuan to 3 yuan; Magnolia rise from the 2.4 yuan to 3.5 yuan; almonds from the 3 per up to 4 yuan; wolfberry up from the 1.5 yuan to 2 yuan … …

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