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Grow Food Vs. Vertical Growing

Kitchen is the best place for gardening in home. This type of gardening is known as kitchen gardening. To grow food in kitchen has become a popular pastime for people at home as well as for the agriculturists. Herb plays an important role in every individuals health and fresh herb is very much tastier than packaged food. In order to grow herb garden many people use kitchen window, which is the only space at home to grow food in better way. The kitchen’s window should always be exactly over the kitchen sink so that the plant gets the steamy water used in the sink.

There are some products are available in the markets, which are very much advanced products for kitchen organic gardening or any indoor garden. In these products, most of the companies have contributed almost all products or things that are used to grow food like real soil, organic based liquid nutrient, automated watering system etc. The main thing is to consider about kitchen indoor garden is, not to use any kind of chemicals.

A container garden can also grow food anywhere. For this, the strawberry pots, specialized tomato plants, or whatever the mail order catalogs are offering in containers and grow them in the indoor garden, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, are required. The companies that sell them must supply the necessary instructions to grow food plants.

Vertical growing is a new way of gardening. It is an easy way to maximize garden space. Vertical growing is the best way to utilize the space of the garden. There are some plants that grow food such as tomatoes, squash, cucumbers etc. There are number of advantages of growing vegetables off the ground. In vertical growing, plants are not subjected to soil decay. Plants receive good air circulation. Some plants that undergo vertical growing are tomatoes, butternut squash, peppers, cucumbers, pole beans etc. If vertical growing technique is used, it is obvious that plants require water more often and also require mulching.

The benefits of vertical growing are numerous. In an environmentally sensitive world, it is imperative to cut out all waste including wasted space. A tomato crop typically will take up to 20 square feet, or a 4×5 space. A single sprawling plant will give out more actual pounds of vegetables than single vertical growing plants, but the height in vertical growing plants makes up for it. Vertical growing produces twice the vegetables per square foot.

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