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Looking Into the Benefits of Herbs

Long before the pharmaceutical industry started to take over, people relied on natural herbal remedies. For as far back as the recorded history of man, herbal remedies were taken in order to deal with certain illnesses and diseases. We tend to forget that herbal remedies were used to treat all types of diseases and illnesses long before the pharmaceutical came around. Today, we all know that practically all pharmaceutical drugs have a negative side effect and in some cases may even cause death in the person. As the saying goes; sometimes the treatment can be worse than disease itself.

Hoodia as an Example

The history of hoodia dates back as far as 100,000 years ago. It is a plant from the deserts of South Africa. The Bushmen of Southern Africa (also called “the San”) have hunted, lived off the land and traveled across the Kalahari Desert for over 100,000 years. These Bushmen often went on long hunting trips and in order to suppress their hunger while at the same time preserve their energy levels, they would chew on this plan called the Hoodia. Only recently has the western culture caught on to this particular plant. Prior to this Hoodia plant, there were all kinds of appetite suppressants made by man. Some of these products were actually effective in terms of reducing hunger, but some of them also had bad side effects, such as causing strokes. The Hoodia plant was not only very effective in helping people reduced weight by suppressing their appetites, but had very minimal negative side effects.

A Person’s Health And Safety Should be the Top Concern

It would be someone naive to believe that all herbs and herbal remedies are completely 100 percent safe. Mau Huang was the herbal form of ephedrine, which had some very negative side effects. Most people take herbs because they want to improve their life, whether it would be losing weight, relaxation, healthier sleeping patterns, etc. It would make no sense to take a product that would ultimately undermine one’s health. The benefits of herbal remedies are centered on improvement and the more natural the product, the greater the potential health benefit.

As the old saying goes, “what is old is new again.” Herbal products are the rage once again and people are turning to herbal remedies like never before. In fact, people are now realizing that what is old is new again.

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