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Top 7 Culinary Herb Garden Plants

Imagine the smell of these aromatic plants growing in your back yard or even closer, your kitchen windowsill. This top 7 list of culinary herbs are not only the most commonly used in cooking, they also represent some of the easiest to grow.

1) Basil
Basil has a warm and spicy flavor. Add a small amount to soups, salads and sauces. And of course anything with tomato flavoring. Don’t hesitate to use basil to enhance the flavor of your meat, poultry or fish. Try it in your morning breakfast omelet with tomatoes for a great pairing of flavors.

2) Chives
Chives have that mildly onion taste. Don’t restrict them to just your baked potato, how about on your mashed as well? Try them in your salads and egg and cheese dishes too.

3) Coriander
Did you know that different part of this plant are actually know as different herbs? The ground seeds, known as Coriander provide a wonderful flavor to meats such as Ham, Pork and Veal. Pull some of the leaves and you’ve got Cilantro. That wonderful her used in many Mexican dishes. Great in any culinary herb garden.

4) Dill
Easy to grow from seeds, Dill is another versatile plant. Used fresh or dried, it provides a wonderful flavor to fish. meat and poultry. Don’t be afraid to use it in soups and salads as well. Many people also use it in potatoes and egg dishes.

5) Fennel
Fennel leaves have a sweet flavor, and the seeds a bit sharper. Commonly used to flavor fish dishes, it also goes great together with Pork and Veal. Try it on soups and salads as well.

6) Mint
Gotta have mint! No culinary herb garden would be complete without it. Mint has traditionally been the spice of choice for anyone who’s preparing lamb. Sprinkle the dried or fresh leaves over the meat prior to cooking it. Use the leaves to brew into hot tea. Or use them to add a dash of sunshine to cold drinks as well.

7) Thyme
Thyme is a great seasoning for just about any meat. Rub the chopped fresh leaves (you can use dried as well) onto lamb, pork veal before you put them in the oven. Also consider adding it to eggs, or cheese dishes as well as vegetables.

This list represents just a small sampling if some of my favorites. There are many more great choices depending on your personal tastes. Start your culinary herb garden today!

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