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Hydroponics Plants Growing

Hydroponics is a popular and easy way of growing plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers without any soil base in water medium. Plants with hydroponics grow even without any natural sun light too. Hydroponics system of growth is not only high yield but also quite cost saving. Hydroponics systems for plants and herbs growth are not only followed by indoor growth hobbyist but also by professional gardeners.

There are different types of hydroponics systems which you can use to fulfill your gardening needs. A few popular gardening systems are NFT, Wick and Drip hydroponics system. All these types of hydroponics grow plants and herbs of all types however, NFT is not considered suitable for small plants like salad greens and peppers while hydroponics systems like Drip and Wick can be used for large plants like tomatoes as well. Each type of hydroponics system has its own advantages and disadvantages which need to be taken into consideration before selection of a particular hydroponics system.

The growth rate of any plants in hydroponics greatly depends upon the medium used for this purpose. The medium helps in channeling water and other nutrients towards the roots of the plants and to safeguard the roots as well. Selection of a medium is based on the hydroponics system that you are using. Each type of system has its own medium requirements and a medium suitable for systems like NFT and Wick may not necessarily be optimal for Ebb & Flow or Drip hydroponic system. Rockwool is the most popular and successful type of medium which helps in properly channeling the nutrient solution to the roots and helps in faster growth of the plants. Hydroponic growth rate with Rockwool medium is much higher compared to other mediums like sand or perlite.

Plants with hydroponics grow with cost and time conservation, however it requires a greater deal of concentration, care and experience than traditional soil gardening. Selection of hydroponics system, medium, organic and non-organic nutrients, quantification of the required nutrients and various other factors, play an important role in successful growth of plants using hydroponics techniques.

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