Why Grow Herb Garden Plants at All?

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Why Grow Herb Garden Plants at All?

Herbs are soft-stemmed and relatively short kinds of plants. Most herbs are short-lived or just live seasonally simply because they cannot withstand the sudden changes of seasons. Some herbs can not live with too much heat while others can not bear the freezing temperature of winter.

These kinds of plants can only survive with just enough water to keep them moist. Therefore, the location of herbs in a garden is very important if you want to grow them. They should be located in areas that receive just the right amount of sunlight everyday and be shaded in the afternoon when the sun is at its highest.

If these are the conditions needed to grow herbs, why grow herb garden plants at all?

Well quite simply herbs are cherished and loved because of the flavor they can give, the scent that they can produce and many other qualities that many believe can bring you a healthy life. As luck would have it, herbs are not difficult to plant and maintain. Starting to have an herb garden is just as easy as A-B-C! There are manuals to follow and even experts to consult.

There are a lot of reasons why you should plant herbs.
The first reason is that herb garden plants can be used for cooking. These herbs that are used for culinary purposes add flavors to the food that you eat. And if you have these culinary herbs in your garden then you will be giving your food the best and the freshest herbs you could ever get. No herb that you can ever find in the supermarket will ever be this fresh. Always bear in mind that the best herbs are the herbs that are newly picked and used right away.

However, in the world of cookery, culinary herbs and spices are two separate things.Herbs pertain to the leafy green portion of the plant while spices pertain to other portion like roots, barks, fruits and seeds.

Second, herbs should be planted in your backyard because these plants have medicinal values. Plants contain photochemicals that affect your body. However, some herbs can not be taken in large quantity because they can lead to severe illness.

Third, some herbs are considered to have spiritual significance. These herbs include frankincense, ague roots and many others that are worshiped because they can serve the body medicinally.

Fourth, gardeners claim that certain herbs can serve as a pest control. They can keep unnecessary animals away such as mice, moths, ticks, fleas, flies and any other pest that can harm your garden.

And lastly, loads of people simply believe that herbs are lucky. There are herbs that once saved in your purse can give luck to bearer.

With all these reasons for growing your own herbs, why waste time going to the supermarket or poke around your kitchen cabinets if you can just simply reach out into your backyard and get some of the best and freshest herbs around?

George Faulkner is a herb gardening enthusiast and experimental chef. He owns and maintains http://www.eHerbSite.com a resource for all herb gardeners.Covering most topics for herb gardening.

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