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Traditional Mig Welding

Hello and welcome to part 4 of our welding series, where well be discussing the ins and outs of MIG welding. MIG welding actually stands for Metal Inert Gas welding. It works along similar lines to ARC welding except that it has a much more sophisticated process.

So how does MIG welding work? Well as I said the process is similar to ARC welding but does have some very distinct differences . A current is created by a transformer which makes use of silicone diodes in order to produce a direct current. This current is then passed through the welding torch to create an arc which then creates a molten pool with the metal being welded. One important difference between MIG and ARC welding is that where a rod is used in ARC welding, MIG welding actually uses a that is continually fed through the welding torch. Also instead of using a flux coating the MIG welder actually uses a fluxing gas to stabilise the mixture and preventing the metal from oxidising. The wire is on a reel and continuously fed through the torch, this is advantageous due to it eliminating the need to stop and no readjustment between the metal and the wire is needed as the wire melts.

MIG welders are considerably more expensive than ARC welders and gasless MIG welders. They are however cleaner to use and much more flexible. They will weld thin metal (such as car bodies), mild steel and even stainless steel.

If you are going to need a welder on lots of occasions and will find yourself needing to weld various types of metal then you may well be looking for a MIG welder. Thats it for MIG welding, we hope that you have enjoyed learning about the machine and the process. Please remember to check out our next part in the series, TIG welding.

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