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Herbs And Sexuality

Almost all cultural traditions in the world have favorite herbs that have the reputation of increasing libido and reversing impotence. For one of them, Damiana, such a reputation was even carried into its botanical name, Turnera diffusa var. aphrodisiacs. Whether the aphrodisiacs work by directly stimulating a sexual urge is highly debatable.In my opinion such an action does not exist.However, it is possible to enhance sexuality by using herbs if we look at it in holistic terms. If the body is full of vitality, is at ease and the mind is poised and at peace, sex can be a powerful expression of that vitality. From this angle, herbs that will help us to be in such a space of ease and wholeness, will act in a roundabout way as aphrodisiacs. A few herbs such as Damiana, Ginseng and Saw Palmetto have a reputation as tonics for the reproductive glands and especially for the male system. The not only undoubtedly strengthen the system itself, but can also help to move a person into a state of greater embodiment of their innate wholeness and vitality.
If sexual problems arise in connection with stress and tension, Nervine relaxants and tonics such as Lime Blossom, Oats or Skullcap may be indicated.
If the general state of health is any way below par, it should be aided by the appropriate remedies, with the bitter tonics often being very helpful.
The old herbals are also rich in remedies that will reduce the sexual drive.Cures for nymphomania and masturbation abound! If it is appropriate to reduce the experience or expression of sexual energy, the combined use of Nervine relaxants (to take off some of the energy) and Nervine tonics(to strengthen and support the system ) can be indicated, with good herbs such as Passion Flower, Valerian or Wild Lettuce. Hops are especially good for men if their is a need to reduce sexual over excitability.

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