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Knowledge For Growing Herbs – An Herb Garden How-To

You’ve thought about it for some time and now you’ve decided that you’re ready to gather the necessary knowledge for growing herbs in your very own garden. This doesn’t require any magnificent herb garden how to books or even special training. This is a relaxing and fascinating hobby and growing herbs is just the beginning.

The first thing to know about herbs and gardens in particular is that they can add so much to your home, and your life. Having your own fresh herbs is a great way to add some much needed vitamins to your diet as well as spice up your home cooked meals.

The most important information you will need before deciding to grow your herb garden will be to understand the different herbs a garden can grow as well as what tastes you’re most interested in. After all, if you have a distaste of rosemary, for instance, then you won’t want to grow rosemary, unless, of course, you want to cut down on fungus in your garden. Then rosemary would be a wise choice. You see? Knowing the benefits of different herbs is an important first step to gaining the right knowledge for growing herbs.

Herbs for a garden have more than mere cuisine benefits. They have been used for millennia in a plethora of applications including cosmetics and medicinal purposes. Different herbs have been used in oils and ointments to assist in an array of different ailments, including sore joints, relieving sore throats, and helping the common cold. You’ll find a high level of use for herbs in everyday, as well as specialized, teas.

To get an idea of the variety of herbs that you can grow: there are annual herbs, such as aloe vera, arugula, basil, cayenne, chervil, coriander, dill, and garlic. These are hearty plants that will come back year after year, supplying you with many years of wonderful fragrances and tastes. Perennial plants, or those that need to be planted from seeds every year include angelica, catnip (and won’t your cat just love you if you planted this herb), Bay Laurel, chives, cornflower, dandelion (yes, dandelion is an herb, not a weed), fennel, ginkgo, ginseng, green tea, lavender, mint, oregano, poppy, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme, and more. Biennials, which grow over two seasons, include angelica, caraway, evening primrose, and parsley. There are many other varieties, but this should give you an idea that you can do wonders with an herb garden at your home.

Growing herbs opens your world to a wonder that monks to homemakers have understood for thousands of years. Reading this list should indicate that nearly every facet of life is surrounded by herbs and many of our modern health supplements (namely ginkgo) come from these hearty and robust plants. And growing herbs is relatively simple; you don’t need an advanced degree is agronomics to grow healthy plants. You simply have to have time to tend to their watering, make sure they have sunshine, and occasionally, depending on the plant, add fertilizer or compost as needed.

Making the decision to start your own garden will very likely take you down a garden path you won’t fully appreciate until you are on your way. The growing plants will spur your sense of creativity and add to your peace of mind in ways you might not have expected. Learn all you can. That is very important. Then, proceed, and have a wonderful journey.

Jeff Stone is a long time lover of herbs and horticulture who has been growing his own for over 30 years. His book, Secrets of Successful Herb Gardening, written with his partner Amy Spalding, is a treasure of information for the home grower. It is available, along with abundant free information, on their HerbalGardenMagic website. Just go to

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