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Red Wine Health Benefits

“French Paradox” may be the reason which might have sparked the interest of numerous people in red wine, considering its health benefits. This is the reason of which we may normally find a lower rate of heart related diseases in France. As such the diet of the French people is highly rich in fats, but then this seems to be against their good health, doesn’t it! Also the French people are highly found of eating more of cheese, butter, and beef as compared to their neighbors in Europe.

But now one general question which may arise in your mind is that in spite of taking a food so high in fats, how they can keep themselves away from the heart troubles. Answer is simple. According to many researchers, their food along with a lot of fats also consisted of a reasonable amount of red wine intake as compared to the rest of Europeans, and for that matter, even Westerners. Thus, this opened many windows for the researchers to study regarding the health benefits of consuming red wine, which was the answer to the above mentioned puzzle. So after conducting several thorough research, they found out that a temperate intake of red wine (one glass in case of women, and may be two in case of men) indeed helped one to protect himself/herself against diseases related to heart, cancer, and hypertension. Also it has a constructive effect over cholesterol levels.

But again, the key to this game is “moderation”. This isn’t really a case where one is good, two better, and ten best! But then, every coin always has two faces. Hence, the medical society is very vigilant to suggest red wine routines, and for some obvious reasons. Various studies have shown that in case of women who consumed alcohol daily were prone to be the potential victims of breast cancers.

As per a report in 2004 by the American Society of Cancer, the increase in the death rate due to breast cancer was 30% high in case of women who consumed alcohol daily. But if the consumption is only at the most two drinks every day, then the risk of diseases related to heart lowers from 30% to 50%. And since heart disease is the major slayer annually in case of women, these facts and figures happen to be important. Hence, if taken in a limit, wine has an overall positive impact on the female death ratio.

Scientists have pinpointed the beneficial element in red wine which is called resveratrol. Recent studies have dubbed resveratrol as an anti-aging miracle supplement.

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