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Try These Natural Herbs to Help Reduce Hair Loss

Looking for some herbal supplements to stop hair loss, well here are a few you should look at. First herbal medicines are in the class of traditional medicines. So what are traditional medicines, and what are some herbal supplements I should look at to keep my hair strong and prevent hair loss?

Traditional Medicines – Well traditional medicines are defined as medicines that were in use to cure aliments long before modern medicines came around. This type of medicine is also known as folk, traditional or indigenous medicine. These medicines have not been proven by modern medical standards but have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to cure illness and maintain body health.

So what are some to keep hair healthy and in place?

Saw Palmetto – Saw palmetto has been used for hundreds of years by the American Native Indians to keep their urinary tract functioning normally. This herb comes from the berries of the saw palmetto palm tree found in South Eastern United States. It was first used in Europe to help men with an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). With over 30 clinical studies validating it’s positive effects on treating BPH, it has become the major treatment for BPH in Europe. Since BPH is caused by the same hormone that causes male pattern baldness (MPB), it is strongly believed to stop MPB by regulating DHT.

Rosemary Extract – Rosemary has been used for thousands of years, going back to the ancient Egyptians. This herb is thought to arouse the hair follicles leading to hair growth.

Stinging Nettle – Researchers believe this herb prevents the formation of DHT, which is the main culprit in causing MPB.

Pygeum Herb – This comes from the African evergreen tree and is known by its proper name Pygeum Africanum. It has been used to help men with BPH, by controlling DHT. By controlling DHT, it should also be effective in controlling hair loss. It has been found that when combined with stinging nettle, it is much more effective in preventing hair loss.

Conclusion – Herbal medicines have been used for thousands of years to cure various aliments and keep the body healthy. Herbal supplements that are believed to stop hair loss, but have not been proven by modern medical techniques, are saw palmetto, rosemary extract, stinging nettle, and pygeum herb.

So if you are suffering from hair loss, or want to strengthen your hair, you might want to look at using these herbs.

Jimmy Chase started losing his hair when he turned 50. He has done lots of studies on loss of hair, in both men and women, to determine what works and what doesn’t. He has successfully stopped his hair loss and has even re-grown some of his hair. He wants to help other people learn what he has learned, on dealing with loss of hair and re-growing hair.

He operates the web site No Longer Balding


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