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Herbs to Grow Indoors


Keep cooking savoury dishes by growing your own herbs. You can plant some of the finest seasoning herbs at home and always have some fresh mint or basil at hand. Enjoy cooking fresh savoury meals and follow our guide on herbs to grow indoors.

Gardeners from Garden clearance London have enjoyed cooking with fresh aromatic herbs so that they are the right people to ask for some advice. Basil, mint and parsley are some of the cookers’ favourite spices so why don’t you start growing your own. Fresh herbs have intense aroma and strong taste, both adding unique flavour to your favourite meals.

Mint is an ordinary weed-like plant. It can literally infest your garden if you don’t control its spreading. But when grown indoors, it is not that invasive and all other plants are safe. Choose peppermint over mint as it can be cultivated easily in limited space. Buy seeds and plant them in a small pot with soil. Place the pot in a shady place, but not in complete darkness.

Parsley is a cooking staple that according to garden clearance London workers is found in every chef’s backyard. Having in mind all the healthy benefits of consuming parsley, you can definitely grow some fresh in your kitchen. The hardest part is waiting for the seeds to germinate which lasts a few weeks at least. Parsley is not light-loving so you can place it wherever you have some spare corner. It is one of the slowly growing plants so have patience and you will soon harvest you fresh parsley.

Basil is a popular herb which is hard to grow, unfortunately. Having it indoors in winter is a great challenge, but here are some cultivating tips. Buy basil plants that have actually grown indoors, this will cut adaptation time in half. Winter is the season when most plants rest and have patience as they need to rest first and then grow. Clip often, as often as you cook, for example. It is almost like cutting hair, thus you promote further growth.

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