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Herbs for Emotional Health That Work

Emotional or Mental Health basically means a state of mind, where a human being is able to perform well in challenges put in front of them by everyday life along with performing functions of society by using their knowledge and emotions. The advancement and modernization of society has given us many benefits but it has also plagued us with numerous irreparable curses which have resulted in countless new problems for human mind. The most ordinary and common- problems are insomnia, depression, chronic-disorder, neuralgia, anxiety, nervousness etc. All of these names have become familiar in every household because at least one of the family members is suffering with it.

Regular medicine is only capable of heeling our body physically but for emotional treatment only herbal medicine is effective. In fact many of us have been using it knowingly or unknowingly in our daily lives for various emotional treatments such as use of chamomile, lavender and peppermint to cure mild depression, anxiety, insomnia etc. We can easily mix up these herbs in our regular life by supplementing it with food in order to fight various emotional stresses.

All these emotional and mental health evils can only be cured with good-old grandma’s herbs and change in living pattern. These herbs are smoothly accessible today for various treatment purposes in comparison to old times when almost a war like situation had been created over it. Herbs not only ameliorate and enhance our memory but also help in better circulation of blood in our brains. Lacks of mental energy and memory problems are not the only problems with brains, with this comes depression, sleep-disorder, mood – swings and a million other health hazards. The remedy to all these problems is ordinary household-herbs, some of them are:-

Ginnsuu – Ginnssu, also known as Ginseng is a Chinese herb, found mainly in South Asia and North America. It’s a very common energy booster which helps in relaxing mind.

Chamomile – Chamomile or chamomile is a daisy-looking plant, which helps in treatment of common cold, eczema and provides relief in post-operative sore-throat along with providing many other cures.

Green- Tea – Green-Tea is a very common name in every household of China, Japan, South Korea and other regions of Asia. It works as antioxidant, anti-depressant and also helps in memory-enhancement. Although there are no scientific results to show that green tea, helps in heart and cancer related problems but it certainly helps in cholesterol and obesity management.

Rosemary – Natively Mediterranean, rosemary herb belongs to Lamiaceae mint family and mythologically believed to be draped around Goddess Aphrodite, when she emerged from the ocean. It helps in depression, muscle-relaxation, anxiety and calmness.

Wild cherry and lettuce – Both wild cherry and lettuce have medical benefits; they help in hyper activeness, insomnia, and nerve- disorder. Wild or prickly lettuce is sometimes used as mild sedative.

Lavender – Initially lavender was popular as perfume oil to use in clothes and linens. But now due to its medicinal attribute it is widely being used in treating various emotional problems like body relaxation during pain, relaxation of body muscle etc. by acting as a cooling herb.

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