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Effective Herbs

4. Gingko Biloba: Another useful herb in treating hypertension is gingko biloba. Like the other herbs, it is also characterized by arterial dilation and therefore has a good effect in lowering blood pressure. 5. Thankuni: Centella asiatica or popularly known as thankuni leaf, native to India, is another important herb that can reduce high blood pressure. It boosts the flow of oxygen and thus helps in the normalization of arterial pressure.

It helps the body to produce substances that strengthen the collagen fibers and improve the circulation of blood. Gotu kola reduces and slows down the process of hardening of connective tissues below the skin surface. It strengthens the vein walls, thereby preventing damage and leaking veins. It is often used in cellulite treatment as body wraps.

6) Green tea is a plant extract that has antioxidant and blood thinning effects. One should have atleast one cup a day of green tea.

7) Some herbs like dandelion enhance the livers ability to break down waste products and toxins. It also aids the kidneys to filter blood of these waste products and toxins. Dandelion leaves can be added to salads or cooked like spinach. A cup of dandelion tea each day containing 50 Gms of fresh dandelion leaves to half a liter of water.

Licorice: It is another important herb with anti-viral properties used to treat liver disorders. Also known as Glycirrhiza, licorice roots are proven to be hepatoprotectant as well can improve digestive functions too. It is mainly suggested by professionals in case of hepatitis B or hepatitis C patients. However, unlike milk-thistle, licorice has some side-effects and therefore, should not be used more than six weeks.

3. 4. Dandelion: You can also use dandelion roots and flowers as an herbal remedy for liver disease. It has a good percentage of potassium and other important medicinal properties that can help in detoxifying blood as well in the proper secretion of bile from liver. However, it may have side-effects like allergy if used with other diuretics.

These herbs are really very important if you want to treat liver or hepatic disease and related symptoms at homely environment. However, in case of chronic disorders you must consult any physician before using them. Liver is not only an important organ, but also sensitive enough. It is a serious disease and needs to be treated in a right way, so do not wait. Usually, depression is cured with various therapies and medicines (antidepressants). Sometimes it may get into a habit, so probably you will not be able to take them for long. If you want to try something more natural, herbal remedies are the right solution, which may brighten your mood or resume the treatment.

1. It will improve the mood and also control the mania which sometimes occurs as a symptom of one of the types of depression.

2. Ginger: If you want to feel better, try ginger as it works like an antidepressant. Siberian Ginseng: It improves the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, which are very important. Siberian ginseng is believed to improve immune system. Also it is beneficial because it improves concentration. Other good things is that this herb improves blood flow in the whole body and makes a person active.

Other valuable herbs are borage, purslane, rosemary, clove, basil and others.

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